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The Horncastle Bookshop - expanding.


Secondhand bookshops in Lincolnshire, and throughout the country, are changing rapidly and Jabberwock is no exception. We try to combine the old-fashioned tranquility of traditional secondhand bookshops with the efficiency of a modern business. Our Horncastle bookshop is 20 years old and we celebrate our 21st year of bookselling in Horncastle with expansion. The bookshop now occupies premises at 14 and 16 St Lawrence Street . This re-unites two buildings rich in Horncastle history. Nearly 200 years ago, they housed Daft's Tap, a "beer-house of the lowest type", as B. J. Davey describes it in Lawless and Immoral, one of the best books on the nineteenth century history of Horncastle; books on Horncastle, generally, being, of course, amongst the most sought after in our shop.

Customers can now enter number 16 from the original shop by doors through which barrels of ale once rolled in for the 19th century vagrants, boatmen and 'canal bankers' who frequented Daft's Tap. By the mid-20th century this former beer-store was in use as a church for the town's Jehovah's Witnesses. Ghosts from a more distant past may be conjured up by contemplating the remains of Horncastle's Roman wall in our History Room, one of the major sections of the shop.

Although, like other secondhand booksellers in Lincolnshire and elsewhere, we have, in the new age of Internet bookselling, been propelled into the international marketplace and now have a bookshop in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, with windows open to the world, we still give prime importance to the physical presence of the Horncastle bookshop. Booklovers prefer real secondhand bookshops to Internet sites and the best secondhand bookshops have a sense of place about them that allows customers to step out of time.

Connection with the past makes our shop the perfect place to browse amongst old books. Commitment to efficient service for customers in the Horncastle bookshop, and for book buyers throughout the world, keeps our business growing.


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