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Secondhand Bookshops in Horncastle, Lincolnshire . . .

Jabberwock Books

For Lincolnshire lovers of secondhand bookshops, Horncastle is a necessary, regular destination. Horncastle Bookshops, rather than mere bookshop, describes Jabberwock Books now; comprising, as it does, two bookshops in adjoining premises at 14 and 16 St Lawrence Street. In addition to Jabberwock Books, there are Horncastle bookshops opened by other booksellers elsewhere in Horncastle. Secondhand books are also to be found in many of the Horncastle antique shops.

Worth a trip for a day's browsing in bookshops, Horncastle offers, besides booksellers, the further pleasures of its general range of shops, restaurants and pubs, its twice-weekly market, its historical buildings and ancient ruins and the surrounding countryside of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

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