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  • Secondhand bookshops in Horncastle, and Lincolnshire generally, are listed on . Although only five of the total of twenty-two Lincolnshire secondhand booksellers listed have links to their own websites, two of these have Horncastle bookshops, a sign, perhaps, not only of the healthy presence of Horncastle secondhand booksellers, but of their energy and commitment to communicating with customers. The Book Guide is unrivalled in its listing of bookshops, booksellers and all sources of secondhand books throughout the UK. It aims to be comprehensive, and is able, because it takes no payment from booksellers, to maintain an authoritative and critical voice. A surprising number of other websites mentioning bookshops in Horncastle can be found by searching for "Horncastle Bookshops".
  • Buying books by post may be a poor substitute for visiting secondhand bookshops, but lists of books well-described and regularly updated by booksellers on Internet sites are a vast improvement on printed catalogues. Online bookselling sites proliferate on the Internet. Most serious booksellers, however, have a list of books for sale on the Abebooks website. When customers ask for books we don't have in stock, we suggest that they try their own online booksearch, starting with . This site also includes a glossary which usefully clarifies some of the desciptive terms used by booksellers. Other useful sites listing the inventories of secondhand booksellers are and .
  • A detatched view of of secondhand booksellers in the U.K., and the way secondhand bookshops operate, can be found on the Booktrust site at
  • For information about the great books of the world, authors and quotations, the pre-eminent resource is
  • A useful site for tracking down the texts of half-remembered poems and accessing poets' biographies is
  • Anyone interested in antiquarian books with fine bindings should consult the British Library's Database of Bookbindings  -
  • The idea of a Book of Days, a calendar noting births and deaths on this day in past years, combined with a Book of Quotations, is employed in our 2006 Horncastle Bookshop Bookseller Miscellany - ongoing and online at - Horncastle Bookshop. This site also offers links to daily selections of books from our catalogue.
  • From Lincolnshire to the furthest reaches of the universe, a wealth of information is provided by Lincolnshire astronomer - and author of several books - Paul L. Money FRAS FBIS and his wife Lorraine M. Money at

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