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Welcome to Jabberwock Books, the Horncastle Secondhand Bookshop

Bookshops can, through the looking glass of the Internet, have a double existence. We like it best when booksellers with online bookshops can be found in an actual location and when bookshops of bricks and mortar have an Internet presence.

Our secondhand bookshop in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, holds a varied and constantly changing stock, with new acquisitions added every day, ranging from rare, out-of-print and antiquarian books to newly-published books (often in mint condition and for sale at half their new price or less). The Horncastle bookshop has been established for twenty years and with recent expansion now complete, we have secondhand books of fine quality filling two large adjoining buildings.

We sell secondhand books covering many areas of fiction and non-fiction, including Literature, Literary Criticism, Poetry, Popular Novels (thrillers, romances, crime, horror, fantasy etc.), Biography, History, Humour, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Warfare, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Music, Theatre, Cinema, Sport, Travel, Transport, Natural History, Gardening, Food & Drink and Health.

We are always interested in buying books; fiction and non-fiction; antiquarian and modern; and pay good prices for books we want - either individual books or collections of any size. Customers can arrange to come and sell books to us in the Horncastle Bookshop, or ask us to travel (not just in Lincolnshire - anywhere) to view books, if they have a large number to sell. Lincolnshire books are of particular interest to us, especially Horncastle books of any kind, whether on Horncastle history, or the lives of people connected with the town.

We welcome any queries by email to and will always respond quickly.

Shop at our Horncastle Bookshop via our online catalogue

We sell books online via Amazon. All our Internet stock is held at the Horncastle bookshop. Every book we list is available for immediate despatch from here. Books are posted, daily, to destinations throughout the world. We keep a rapidly expanding and frequently updated catalogue on Amazon and we always aim to despatch orders immediately.

(Books can be ordered either by credit card through Amazon, or directly by phone or email, with payment by cheque).

Visit our Horncastle Bookshop

Horncastle, the home of our bookshop, is an old market town at the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds. This part of Lincolnshire offers visitors a richly varied landscape and some interesting history. Roman Horncastle was defended by a wall, of which the most substantial remaining part runs through our bookshop. Horncastle has a long history, drawing tourists to enjoy the ruins of its Roman Wall and memories of the great Horncastle horse-fair in the nineteenth century, when the town seems to have been dominated by innumerable inns, taverns, pubs and beer-houses. (The most disreputable of these occupied the buildings that now house our bookshop.) Horncastle antique shops have, in recent years, achieved widespread fame, to the extent of Horncastle becoming known as an "antiques town". Now, secondhand bookshops in Horncastle are a major attraction, and for bookshops, Horncastle is the perfect location. The Horncastle bookshops offer more than enough variety for a day's pleasant browsing.

Our premises are just off the town square, opposite a car park. Temporary parking to load and unload books is possible immediately outside our door.

Jabberwock Books - Horncastle - open Monday to Saturday, 10.00 - 4.30.

Visit our Horncastle Bookshop Bookseller Miscellany with daily links to books in our catalogue.                                 

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